Our Services

We will collect your dog from your home or office at a time that suits you and we will make sure that they get plenty of doggie fun.

With all new dogs we will always walk them 'on-lead' on an extendable lead to begin with until we are sure that their recall is adequate, this enables us to build up a relationship with your dog and for us to form a bond and trust with them.

If your dog likes to be walked off the lead we will make sure that we have your permission so that your dog can be allowed to play with other doggie friends under the watchful eye of our walkers.

We can walk your dog individually or they can meet new friends in our group dog walk where we take no more than 2 dogs in the group. When we have finished our walks, we will return your dog back home tired and happy. Before we leave, water bowls will be topped up along with any other duties such as day meals.

Group Walks

Walkie Paws offers a Group Walk whereby your dog will be walked with a maximum of two doggie friends. Your dog will be collected from home and taken for a fun tailed walk and after having lots of fun with their doggie friends will be towel cleaned and returned home

1 hour walk £11.00
45 min walk £10.00
30 min walk 8.00

Bring a Doggie Friend from the same household £2.00 extra per dog

Solo Walks

Walkie Paws offer solo walks throughout the day. A solo walk is suitable for those dogs who prefer one-on-one time, may not feel comfortable in a group, or are older and prefer to have a gentle browse around the park.

1 hour walk £11.00
45 min walk £10.00
30 min walk £8.00

Doggie Comfort Breaks

Walkie Paws can offer a unique service of Doggie Comfort Breaks for your dog that can be tailored to your requirements and will include, play session, toilet break in your back garden or simply company and personal attention to brighten up your dog’s day until you come home. This may be the perfect solution for your busiest days.

30 mins Doggie Comfort Breaks £8.00

Puppy Day Care

We provide Puppy Day Care as we believe no puppy should be left alone all day.

On each visit we will take your puppy into the garden to toilet, feed and have lots of playtime too. We also clear up any mess that would otherwise be waiting for you on your return from work.

This is also a good way to build up your puppy’s ability to be left alone as they will be rewarded in the middle of the day with some fun activities, teaching them to be comfortable on their own and removing the chance of separation anxiety developing.

Once your puppy is fully vaccinated our visit can include a walk outdoors, with the time of walk gradually increasing as your puppy gets older.

45 minutes Puppy Day Care £10.00

30 minutes Puppy Day Care £ 8.00

What to do next ?

If you would like to book a walk with us we would love it if you could fill out our Doggie Profile form and we will be in touch to arrange a “shake a paw” consultation whereby you can meet us and your dog can meet us too or call us on 07734 704603 to discuss your requirements.